We’re always delighted to work with creative people who want to tell their stories through audio. We’re recently finished post-production on a fantastic project in which we partnered with York St John University, The British Council, ICPAC (The Nairobi based IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Centre) and production company Adverse Camber. “Listening to the Rainmakers” is a documentary podcast series focussing on the impact of climate change in East Africa, specifically in the border regions between South Sudan and Kenya. The series explores the clashes between traditional beliefs and the realities of climate change in the area and is brilliantly narrated by storytellers Mara Menzies and John Mukeni Namai who travelled around the area speaking to local people about their experiences of the changing climate.

You’ll be able to listen to the series from 10th May when it is officially launched.

Read more about the project here https://adversecamber.org/project/storying-our-futures

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