“Chris is the Producer and co-Director of my science fiction audio drama, The Dex Legacy. So far it has achieved well over 60,000 downloads and grown to be a global top 5% podcast. Due to his anthology series, Alternative Stories and Fake Realities, Chris knows a great number of diverse and talented actors. He sourced candidates for every role in The Dex Legacy through this existing team. His passion for the story shines through as he pieces together asynchronous recordings into conversations that flow seamlessly. For our second season, which we hope to be releasing in 2023, we will be recording in a studio in London with Chris and myself co-directing and Chris undertaking post-production, editing and sound design.

Chris’s sound design brings a whole new dimension to every scene, elevating the production and creating a truly immersive listening experience for our many fans. I may be the writer of The Dex Legacy, but it’s Chris’s input that has brought it to life.”

Emily Inkpen, novelist and audio drama writer

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