“As Editor of the Write On! suite of publications, it was my job to ensure our podcast maintained the quality, but also the identity of the print and digital publications when we launched Write On! Audio in 2021. This meant our producer need to have a keen ear and the technical skills, but also – as Write On! is all about co-creation and authentic voices – the ability to support emerging writers who might not have worked on an audio production before.
Chris’ dedication to quality and equality, his ability to recognise great story, his commitment to the Write On! ethos and his willingness to go above and beyond to create the best possible version of our ideas, has empowered and encouraged so many of our contributors to share their experience, strength and hope!

I am also a consultant, helping organisation achieve the media presence through co-creation and the associated platforms. As such, I have recommended Chris to a number of clients who are keen to increase their voice across other platforms and will continue to do so”.

Madeleine F White, Editor the Write On! Suite of publications

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