Podcasting has never been more popular as people turn to on-demand media they can listen to while driving, cooking or carrying out other tasks.  Many businesses and organisations have adopted podcasts as a means of getting across information about their activities but what are the benefits of having a podcast to an organisation like yours?   In this blog post I’ll look at a few reasosn why a podcast could be of value to you

Sharing your activity and news .  Remember how good it feels to be invited to speak at a conference or event?  That opportunity to get your message across to a live audience of like-minded individuals and potential customers is invaluable to the ambitious company or creator.  Now imagine that you could have that talk available for people to listen to all the time. It can be easily linked to emails or social media posts and you can add to it with new messages and other information about your work on a regular basis.  Suddenly your message has a new, wider audience that can listen whenever or wherever they like.

Promoting customer and brand loyalty.  Whatever field of activity you work in the chances are you have customers, followers, fans or potential audiences that you are competing for alongside other businesses or individuals like yourself.  By starting a podcast you have the opportunity to foster that audience, to speak directly to them and to give them a chance to find out more about you and what you do.  This attachment can promote loyalty and a feeling of connection that will result in more sales and customer retention as your followers start to feel themselves a part of your story.

Become a prominent subject-matter expert.  With a podcast you will become a respected and prominent voice in your subject area.  This will give you kudos and respect and could bring business your way.  It may also bring you press opportunities eg if radio stations want to interview an expert in your field picking one with a podcast and high quality audio equipment will guarantee them a professional sounding comment from you.

Promotes inclusivity and offers contact with people who find reading difficult

The messages you put out in a podcast may be important to your blind or partially sighted customers.  They may offer insight for people who haven’t got time to read detailed articles in a company newsletter or promotional magazine.

Demonstrates professionalism and commitment to sharing information

Your efforts in creating and promoting a podcast, especially if it is well produced and professional sounding, will show your customers that you are serious about what you do, professional and committed to sharing your information and ideas in this highly accessible manner.

Content can be reused in social media posts, website content or commercials

Reuse the best bits of your podcast as the soundtrack to social media videos or audiograms.  Multi-media content on twitter or Instagram gets far more views and retweets than posts that only have text or a picture.  You already have the content so why not reuse it to work harder for you on your social platforms.

A high quality podcast can make you seem more human, approachable and trustworthy to your customers

By sharing a little more information about you as a business owner or creator you will appear more human and relatable to your existing and potential customers.  By all means talk about your business and your areas of expertise but also chat about your plans for the weekend, a hobby or interest you may share with your customers, books you’re read or films you’ve watched.  All of these things could foster connections with clients that you can then explore further in face-to-face contact.

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